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              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
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              Shearing Machine
              JQ60 Shearing Machine
              2018-1-23 15:06:26


              JQ60 Shearing Machine

               The machine can cut the bunchy sausages fast and accurately. It helps you for labor-saving and improving work efficiency.

               The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the key parts are produced by CNC. The surface is treated specially, it is wear-resisting and corrosion resistance.

               The control core of the machine is PLC, and the machine is motored by servo motor. Customer can set various parameters according to the length and diameter of the productions.

               The machine is quite safe. It do not work until the shield is closed, and there is scramming device.

               The casters provide mobility for the machine, it also can be locked.

               It features reasonable design, compact structure, smooth traveling, reliable working, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

                       Main technical target:

              Conveying speed: 0.9m-1.2m/s

              Mix length:35mm

              Diameter of the casing: 14mm-60mm

              Source: AC 220V


              Overall dimension:788*862*1485mm