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            1. Welcome to come Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd Official website
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              Contact us

              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
              Tel: +86 0318-2037605 2033456
              Fax: +86 0318-2023409
              E-mail: hshonghao@163.com
              Address:No. 268, Daqing East Road, Hengshui, Hebei

              Filling Machine
              Change Two Tubes Quickly Fixed Filler
              2018-1-23 14:53:07

              This machine has two kinds,KDG-400and KDG-1000.Its structure is piston-rotary spool valve. Omron PLC contol and air as power .It can join to kinds of seal machines and reach automatid fill.

                  Thie machine excellent feature is fitting casing through two tubes.When one tube dill the other lean,you can fit casing without stopping machine. When the casing of the first tube uses up,you  can stop machine and draw shaft in order that the second tube can aim at the seal machine ane start fill.Though cycle,it can improve efficiency 50-60%.

              Main technical target

              Volumn:               50kg  108kg

              Raw material:        mashing meat or diced meat

              Error:                   ±2-5g

              Center height:       850-900mm

              Tube length:          650mm

              Air pressure:          0.5-0.6Mpa

              Source:                 220V(a-c,single phase)

              Overall dimension: 1350×730×1500mm

              Weight:                 152kg