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            1. Welcome to come Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd Official website
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              Contact us

              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
              Tel: +86 0318-2037605 2033456
              Fax: +86 0318-2023409
              E-mail: hshonghao@163.com
              Address:No. 268, Daqing East Road, Hengshui, Hebei

              Wire Bundle Machine
              The semi-automatic wire tying machine
              2021-3-18 16:58:03


              The semi-automatic wire tying machine produced by our company will reduce costs and improve benefits for you.

              △ The operation of the equipment is completed by pneumatic components, reliable performance, easy maintenance.

              △ Reduced packaging cost, compared with kink can save more than 10% casing, product length can be adjusted at will.

              △ Flexible operation, high production efficiency, each minute can tie all kinds of sausages about 65-90.

              △ After the product cooked refrigeration, a string is broken, save labor and effort.

              △ Suitable for Taiwan hot dog sausage, desktop roast sausage, crispy sausage, breakfast sausage, chicken sausage, European examination room, Chinese sausage, etc.

              Technical parameters:

              Working pressure: 0.55-0.6Mpa

              Production capacity: 65-90 knots/min

              Single ganglion body length: 30-180mm

              Dimensions: 908×538×1030mm