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              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
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              Linking Machine
              Hang Intestinal Machine
              2020-1-8 14:17:40


              This machine is controlled by PLC and powered by servo motor, which is a new type of industrial automation equipment integrating automation technology, computer technology and communication technology.

              This machine has simple structure, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. It is connected with GN high-speed twister produced by our company. When the mechanical arm is winding the sausage, it will never stop, never be lazy and always be orderly.

              The key parts of the hang intestinal machine are manufactured by the machining center to ensure the accuracy of parts and actions.Material selection of high quality alloy steel and stainless steel, and after special treatment, make it high finish and excellent wear resistance.

              Number of hooks: 96

              Overall dimension: 2600X450X1130mm

              Suitable casings: nylon casings, protein casings

              Suitable material: minced meat, diced meat

              Working voltage: 220V

              Weight: 200 kg