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            1. Welcome to come Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd Official website

              Contact us

              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
              Tel: +86 0318-2037605 2033456
              Fax: +86 0318-2023409
              E-mail: hshonghao@163.com
              Address:No. 268, Daqing East Road, Hengshui, Hebei

              Machine for silicone producing
              ZYFS type automatic double station hard packing machine
              2018-2-27 11:01:58

              ZYFS automatic double station hard packing machine is the newly developed hard packing sealing equipment for silicone rubber, polyurethane sealant and other paste products. This machine has automatic upper cover, automatic bottle, quantitative filling, automatic sealing, automatic spray code composition, compact and reasonable structure, humanized design, simple operation and good stability. It can be used with any static mixing or discharging mechanism and automatic boxing mechanism.

              Advanced control system: this machine adopts PLC (PLC) as the control core, and integrates automation technology, computer technology and communication technology. It has the features of flexible computer programming, complete functions, strong anti-interference ability, power consumption, high efficiency and simple operation.

              Unique manufacturing technology: the key parts of this machine are manufactured by machining center, which ensures the machining accuracy of parts. The surface adopts special treatment technology to improve the finish and wear resistance of the parts.

              Precision quantitative system: the machine adopts servo motor ration, which can be adjusted from 10 to 400 ml, which guarantees the accuracy of the product quantitatively.

              Double station filling: the machine has two sets of filling stations, which can work simultaneously and can work independently. It reduces the tedious work of cleaning the quantitative cylinder in the small batch production, improves the working efficiency, reduces the labor intensity, and can reach 80 times per minute.

              Technical parameters:

              Working voltage: 220V 50Hz.

              Working pressure: 0.4-0.7mpa.

              Total power: 9KW.

              Quantitative range: 10-400ml.

              Quantitative error: plus or minus 0.3%.

              Production capacity: 45-80 / min.

              Applicable glue: all kinds of sealant.

              Packing container: plastic hard tube, diameter 35-50mm, length 150-230mm.

              External dimension: 4170X1300X2500mm.

              Machine weight: about 1200KG.