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            1. Welcome to come Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd Official website
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              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
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              Sealing machine
              GCF90 electric changcheng card sealing machine
              2018-1-30 10:25:12


              GCF90 electric changcheng card sealing machine is our company's latest development of a new type of large tensile sealing equipment. The machine has compact structure, fast and stable operation speed, and the buckle is beautiful and close, and can be used online with any filling machine at home and abroad. The machine is made of stainless steel and has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
              Advanced control system: this machine adopts PLC (PLC) as the control core, and integrates automation technology, computer technology and communication technology. It has the features of flexible computer programming, complete functions, strong anti-interference ability, power consumption, high efficiency and simple operation.
              Unique manufacturing technology: the key parts of this machine are manufactured by machining center, which ensures the machining accuracy of parts. The surface adopts special treatment technology to improve the finish and wear resistance of the parts.
              Tensile length adjust: this machine use my company to develop mechanical stretching mode, 36-100 - mm adjust tensile length, when stretching 100 mm, the efficiency 70 times/min, the pneumatic tensile sealing equipment more than doubled. When normal stretch, work efficiency 120 times/min.
              Straightening and tightening mode: the equipment can be processed by using the straight tightening method, and the products can be processed with 30-170mm. The two ends of the closed intestine are more beautiful.


              Automatic quick change double tube device: this machine adopts automatic quick change double tube device, only need to press a button can fast accurate conversion to another root filling pipe, not only reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency, higher than that of single pipe work efficiency more than 60%.
              Convenient lubrication system: this machine adopts advanced electric centralized oil supply system, quantitative to all lubricating points lubricating oil regularly, to avoid the manual of pressure oil pump, reduces the labor intensity, improve the utilization rate of the lubricating oil, so that the machine got good lubrication, improve the service life of the parts.
              Technical parameters:
              Work efficiency: normal stretch (stretching length 36mm) up to 120 times/min.
              Large stretch (stretch length 100mm) up to 70 times/min.
              Sealing range: the diameter of the casing is 40-170mm.
              Use buckle: 15, 18 pitch to various specification card buckle.
              Stretch length: 36-100 arbitrary adjustable.
              Working pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa.
              Working voltage: 380V 50Hz.
              Total power rate: 3.0kw.
              In the heart; 980-1050 - mm
              Dimensions: 1086X1070X2000mm (length X width X height)