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            1. Welcome to come Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd Official website
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              Contact us

              Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd
              Tel: +86 0318-2037605 2033456
              Fax: +86 0318-2023409
              E-mail: hshonghao@163.com
              Address:No. 268, Daqing East Road, Hengshui, Hebei

              Industry news
              GNHigh-speed Linking Machine
              2018-1-23 17:50:09

              GN High-speed linking filler is the newest product in our company, is the original of our country. Computer aid design and produce, easy to operate , good waterproof and easy to cleaned up.    Suitable casing: Ordinary nylon casing, compressed casing, protein and collagen casing. Especially the product of "the sausage like jujube".    Working speed: The machine can stepless speed regulation due to the products, the most speed is over 1200 time/min.    Working mode: Unique control in the length so that the hams are same in size, the smallest length is 30mm.    Controlling mode: New driving and control system that ensure the consistency of each cell.    Applicability: The machine can join to any filler with the function that steady successively fill. Main technical target

              Suitable material: meat paste

              Kinking ability: 30-200mm

              Working speed:300-1200 pieces/min

              Suitable casing: flat width of nylon casing 30-38mm

                           Protein and collagen casing 16-24mm

              Power: 2.2KW

              Overall dimension:1400×1150×580mm

              Weight: 360Kg